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Did we mention we love adventure yet?

Yep. We are based in San Diego but available and ready to shoot anywhere from Australia to Zambia.


What is a “first look”?
A first look is a special time before the ceremony when the bride and groom see each other for the first time that day. Does this steer away from tradition? Yes. Is it worth it? Totally. The first look allows for a very intimate set of pictures that capture the joy and excitement of the wedding day between the bride and the groom. Remember, the wedding is about YOU after all. It also allows us (the photographers) to spend quality time capturing you together before the craziness begins. Once the ceremony is over, it is hard to find that special alone time again (though not impossible!). If this sounds like something that interests you, we’ll work together to prioritize this into your schedule of events.

What is a Rock the Dress Session?
Commonly referred to as a “Trash the Dress” or a “bridal session,” it’s another chance to get into your wedding attire to capture images without the time restraints that may be imposed during your wedding day. Plus, you don’t have to worry about keeping your attire pristine, which allows opportunity for some truly creative and fun images. The session can be scheduled for the day after, a few weeks after or even months or years after your wedding day. Whatever your timing, this is the session to get all done up again and rock the dress.

What should we wear to a lifestyle, maternity, or family session?
Great question! The short answer is whatever you feel comfortable wearing. The more comfortable you are in your clothing, the more comfortable you will appear in photos. We always recommend bright colors or patterns as these tend to show well in pictures. And while everyone loves Twin Day in third grade, having everyone match doesn’t always make for the best look. Everyone should look like an individual. If you do want to match, try choosing a color palette and have everyone wear different shades and styles of those colors. And if you can’t settle on that one perfect outfit, feel free to bring along several. Oh, and for soon-to-be Mom’s, skip the black! We want to see that bump in all it’s glory.

How many photos will I get?
You’ll receive approximately 500 edited photos for weddings. For an engagement, rock the dress, or any type of family session, you’ll receive approximately 75 edited photos.

Do you edit all the photos?
Yes, every photo you receive is hand picked and artfully hand edited with our signature style.

When will we get our photos?
Wedding photos are typically delivered within 12 weeks of the wedding date. Engagement, rock the dress, and family shoots are typically delivered within 4 weeks of the shoot.

Do you offer prints?
Yes! Even though you have full rights to get your photos printed wherever you want, we do offer prints that you can order right through your gallery. We use a qualified, professional print company that spot checks all the prints—basically making sure each print matches the color exactly to how we edited it. We also offer a few signature products that you can only get directly from us. These products have been hand selected to show off your beautiful images in a unique way and make a big impact in your home. Learn more about these special print items here.

Do you offer albums?
Most definitely! At any time, just let us know if you are interested and we can talk about options.